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Valorant announced via Twitter last night that competitive mode would be turned off for the start of Act 3. In the Act 3 update, the developers expressed their desire to have stable patches releases. This is the main reason why ranked will not be available at the launch of Act 3.

According to Valorant, a rare audio bug has been found on all maps, including Icebox. Instead of delaying the Icebox map entirely, they have decided to temporarily turn off ranked mode. The game is primarily played in competitive which makes the lack of it at launch that more serious. Many fans complained of a lack of competitive mode when the game was in Beta. Some argued that without it there wasn’t much to accomplish in the game, especially at high elo.

However, the lack of ranked doesn’t take away from the incredible stuff that Valorant has added to this latest Act. Act 3 introduces a new map titled Icebox which takes place in a shipping area on the Tundra. The map features new obstacles like a zip-line, bridge, and massive playing areas. Act 3’s battlepass also features three new weapon skin packs with a new knife and variants. Later on in the Act, we will also see the addition of a new agent Skye.

Valorant patch live times

Valorant Act 3

Ignition: Act 3 goes live in North America, Brazil, and Latin America at roughly 10 AM PT. The servers are expected to shut down around four hours prior at 6 AM PT. Korea, Japan, and Oceania are expected to follow after that, but Riot Games did not give specific datesValorant developers also did not specify when competitive mode for Act 3 would be turned on after the patch goes live. They plan on stabilizing the patch as quickly as possible to get competitive back to their players.

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