Valorant: Agent Sova abilities and gameplay
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Riot Games has officially unveiled a full gameplay breakdown of agent Sova, the Russian adversary. Valorant is a 5v5 class-based first-person shooter. The game is highly strategic and teamwork-oriented, taking apparent influence from objective-based games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and search and destroy (S&D) titles. Two teams enter the field to either protect a spike site or fight to destroy it. With eight unique agents upon release slowly being revealed, the world patiently awaits Riot’s debut FPS title.

Who is Sova?

Sova’s primary area of expertise is in scouting and long-ranged combat. He tracks, locates and eliminates foes with high levels of precision and efficiency. Like Legolas with his bow and scout in tow, Sova ensures that while enemies may run, they can’t hide. As of yet, Sova’s backstory and underlying motivations are unknown. However, it seems like fans will learn more about Sova through Valorant’s environmental storytelling as the game progresses.

Sova Valorant
Credit: Valorant

Abilities and gameplay

Valorant’s Twitter page unveiled a fantastic peek into Sova’s ability kit and gameplay, giving a better understanding of his role within the game. The video also depicts a look into the way agents communicate with each other in the game. In the gameplay video, Sova and his teammate, Jett, are retaking a spike site in an unfavorable 2v3 scenario. Sova’s kit plays an instrumental role while he swiftly clutches the round.


Shock Bolt

Sova fires a powerful bolt of explosive damage that emits a pulse of energy upon impact.

Owl Drone

sova valorant ability
Credit: Valorant/Screenshot

Casts a controllable drone that fires darts, revealing any enemies hit. As seen in the gameplay, Sova’s drone acts as an “entry” into the spike site, revealing the location of a hidden enemy around the corner. With this intel, his teammate following closely behind is able to prefire around the corner, eliminating the foe.

Signature Ability: Recon Bolt 

Sova Recon Ability
Credit: Valorant/Screenshot

A sonar bolt that tags nearby enemies, revealing their location to the team as a result. Valorant’s gameplay shows Sova pulling out his recon bow; after release, the bow lands near the spike site and reveals the location of an enemy around the corner. He equips his scout and subsequently, wall bangs the hidden Sage through the crate. The fact that his scout can wall bang enemies through material makes his sonar arrow even more potent because enemies truly have no escape from him.

Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury

Sova fires three devastating energy blasts, traversing the entire map. Enemies hit by the blast are marked and heavily damaged.

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