Valorant: Agent Viper official abilities and gameplay
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Riot Games released a full breakdown of Valorant’s venomous lady. Hailing from the United States, Viper is one of the debut agents in the upcoming first-person-shooter. Out of the eight agents, Viper is one of the first agents whose gameplay and abilities have been seen.

Who is Viper?

Viper player model
Credit: Valorant

Viper’s kit is designed to make space and take control of regions of the map. Using her abilities to her advantage, she marks her territory with poisonous spheres of gas and intimidating walls to keep the enemy out. Her personality shines throughout the gameplay clip. Her voice is confident and mysterious as she calls her eliminated foe a”dead fool,” and warns remaining enemies to not get in her way. In regards to aesthetics and personality, Viper is reminiscent of Shego from Kim Possible with her dark hair and green/black attire.

Fans will certainly learn more about her backstory, motivations, and context within the world as updates continue to roll out.

Gameplay and abilities

Valorant’s official gameplay video depicts the agent in an unfavorable 1v3 clutch scenario. Her goal is to successfully plant the spike and eliminate the remaining enemies Jett, Sage, and Cypher. In the video, Viper uses Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, and Viper’s Pit to defeat her enemies swiftly.



A projectile that explodes, subsequently creating a toxic pool of acid.

Poison Cloud

Poison Cloud
Credit: Valorant/Gameplay Screenshot

Entering the spike site, Viper deploys a reuseable “gas emitter” that creates a poison smoke cloud to cover her as she passes. The emitter is on cooldown, meaning she can pick it up and redeploy after a short period.

poison cloud 2
Credit: Valorant/Gameplay Screenshot

After Viper makes her way further towards the site, she fake plants and deactivates the smoke cloud. When she realizes an enemy is hidden behind the gaseous veil, she disables the ability and eliminates the sneaky Cypher.

Signature ability: Toxic Screen 

Toxic Screen screenshot
Credit: Valorant/Gameplay Screenshot

Alongside her Poison Cloud, on the left side of the screenshot is the ability Toxic Screen. An extended line of emitters produces a massive wall of dangerous gas. Enemies attempting to pass through her wall take damage.

Ultimate ability: Viper’s Pit

Viper's Pit
Credit: Valorant/Gameplay Screenshot

After planting the spike, Viper casts her deadly AOE ultimate, Viper’s Pit. Her presence within the zone sustains the cloud of toxic gas.

Viper's Pit 2
Credit: Valorant/Gameplay Screenshot

The gameplay video shows Viper slowly waiting for her final opponent to make their move. Alerted by the sound of her enemy attempting to defuse the spike, she returns to the pit. When an enemy enters, the region of toxic gas highlights their player model, making them an easy mark for Viper to eliminate.

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