Valorant Episode 2 leak reveals nerfs to Omen and the Classic
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For most of the first episode in Valorant, Omen has been a top pick. The Classic is also a great option for pistol rounds due to how strong its alternate fire is. It looks like Valorant Episode 2 will bring nerfs to both Omen and the Classic.

Here’s what we know so far, including the video leaks with the nerfs.

Valorant Episode 2 nerfs

Omen has been a must-pick in high ranks and tournament play. He brings a lot to the table with his free global smokes, his flash, and his teleports. It looks like he’s finally getting some changes, after going mostly untouched for the entire first episode. Here’s what Riot is changing:

  • Smoke travel speed is decreasing by 30%
  • Flash cost increased from 200 to 400 credits

These changes will make it more difficult for Omen players to get smokes out quickly. It will also cost them more credits to buy all of their abilities, and it will make it so he has to choose what to buy when he is tight on money.

The Classic is also getting some nerfs. The alternate fire is extremely deadly in close combat and has no bullet spread penalty currently. Players, especially Jett, can abuse the weapon by getting in close and spamming right clicks with it. This makes it a great free option for pistol rounds since you can spend 400 credits on light shields instead of a better pistol.

It looks like the Episode 2 patch will increase the bullet spread of The Classic’s alternate fire after the first couple of shots. This should help prevent players from abusing the alternate fire from longer distances. It will also encourage players to purchase other weapons on pistol round.

There are bound to be plenty of other changes and leaks coming in the next few days. Be sure to stay tuned for all the new information on Valorant Episode 2, which officially goes live sometime next week!