Valorant Night Market skins return for the month of February
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Riot Games’ FPS title Valorant is bringing back the Night Market for roughly two weeks. The Night Market grants every account the chance to grab exclusive discounts on in-game weapon skins from the game’s storefront.

Riot Games first introduced the system in early December, as a way for players to pick up skins at a discounted price. This event stretched throughout the month of December and was assumed to be a holiday-related promotion. Valorant has now reintroduced the Night Market skins for a second round, just two months after introducing the concept.

Despite offering great deals on weapon skins, Valorant fans were upset about how the Night Market worked previously. There were over 130 weapon skins in Valorant last time out, and the odds on getting a good one from a pool of six weren’t great. This was the main complaint from fans who wanted specific skins during the promotion. Riot Games has heard these complaints for the February edition, and has made changes to the system this time around.

Valorant BP skins

Night Market guarantees at least two premium skins

If you don’t own every Premium Edition (1775 VP) weapon skin, then you are guaranteed at least two in your Night Market selection this time. This is to ensure that players will be getting high-quality weapon skins that are worth purchasing at a discount. Another addition Riot has made is a change to the number of same weapon skin types. You won’t get more than two of the same weapon, meaning you won’t have a shop full of classic pistols.

What if you own almost every skin in the game? Then Riot still has you covered. If either of the algorithm alterations would result in you getting less than six offers, you will receive up to six offers from the rest of what’s available.

You can check your Night Market deals in the Valorant client from Feb. 10 through Feb. 23. To see when the Night Market will drop again, along with other Valorant news, stay tuned to Daily Esports.

Danny Appleford is an esports journalist for Upcomer that started writing for Daily Esports in 2020. He now specializes in articles surrounding League of Legends, Call of Duty, VALORANT and Halo.