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Valorant patch 1.11 features heavy nerfs to Killjoy and Cypher and the addition of new agent Skye. This patch will also add Icebox into the competitive map rotation. More quality of life changes to stabilize the game are also in these patch notes.

Killjoy will now have to be within 40 meters of both her Alarmbot and Turret for them to activate. This will prevent Killjoy players from putting her utility on one site and running to another. There will be a large green circle around each utility to show Killjoy where she can be for them to activate. Once she steps out of that range, her Turret will no longer shoot enemies and the Alarmbot will not reveal enemies. However, her cooldowns on picking up her utilities have been greatly decreased.

Cypher’s tripwires and camera will disable once he dies and will no longer catch enemies. Players will be able to visibly see the disabled tripwires and camera. These changes will allow enemies to take bomb sites easily once the Cypher has died.

Valorant patch 1.11 adds left-handed mode and battlepass extras

Valorant continues to improve its battlepass by adding an epilogue addition to the end of the pass. Players will be able to grind these five tiers after they have completed the battlepass. Valorant made these tiers unlockable using only experience points so that the tiers could not be purchased. This adds exclusivity to the golden disco ball and player card that can be unlocked.

In addition to the agent changes and battlepass extension, Valorant has added a left-handed mode. Multiple players have requested the ability to have guns be held in the left hand rather than the right. This is visibly easier on those who are left-handed and have their mouse on the left. You can easily switch between right and left-handed mode in the settings.

You can find the entire 1.11 patch notes on Valorant’s website. For more Valorant coverage, stay tuned to Daily Esports.

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