Valorant: Players will earn Gun Buddies for their rank rewards
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One of the best things about playing ranked League of Legends is getting exclusive rewards for your rank at the end of each season. So far in Riot’s other game, Valorant, we haven’t received rewards for our rank. This is about to change, and players will get Gun Buddies to show off their skills.

Here’s what we know about Valorant‘s new rated reward system, and what Gun Buddies we might see.

Valorant rated-rewards

So far, all Valorant players have gotten in relation to their rating is their Act Rank badge, which displays what ranting the player won games in the previous act. It looks like at the end of Act 3, players can also look forward to getting a new Gun Buddy.

The Gun Buddy each player receives will be determined by their rank. This will likely be similar to how Summoner Icon rewards work in League of Legends. The Gun Buddy will likely have an image of your previous Act rating or your Act Rank Badge.

The Gun Buddies will also likely reflect which season the player got that rank. So, for example, if a player was Diamond in Episode One, Act 3, it’s likely the reward will somehow reflect all of that information. At the end of the day, these rewards are all about flexing, so they will need to be enticing for players to actually use them.

Hopefully, we will see more rewards in the future. There’s always the chance that Valorant players will get some kind of exclusive gun skin at the end of each episode along with minor rewards for each act. League of Legends has excellent rewards, after all, so we should expect the same for Riot’s other game.

As of right now, get on the grind so you can get that Gun Buddy and flex on your lower-rated friends.