Valorant teases a rated team game mode for 2021
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Currently in Valorant, if you want to play competitively with your friends, you have to be close to one another in rank and queue up for rated. This looks like it will be changing next year. Riot’s competitive team teased a new team game mode in their message to the community today.

Here’s what Riot had to say along with what we can expect from a new rated teams game mode.

Valorant could be getting a rated teams mode

The people in charge of Valorant‘s competitive play area had a message for the community today, and in it, they stated, “Gotta be coy here, but later next year, we plan to create a way to prove your skills and see how you stack up as a team.”

This message isn’t very subtle, and it seems certain that there will be a rated mode for teams. A game mode like this will undoubtedly be separate from the standard rated queue, and will most likely require players to queue in a party of five.

This queue likely won’t have the same restrictions as the standard rated queue. This means that you might be able to play with friends from different ranks. So, if you have that pesky iron friend who won’t stop bugging you about getting a smurf account to play with him, you may have a better option in the future.

The rated teams mode will also likely have a separate rating from the standard queue. We can expect it to work similarly to Flex Queue in League of Legends, where players can play with anyone else regardless of rank and get a separate rank for the queue.

Be sure to stay tuned for more information on this and other Valorant news and stories and we’ll be sure to let you know when the new queue is coming to the game!