Valve Announces Dota 2 Nemestice event with new Battle Pass
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On June 23, Valve announced that they have released the long awaited  DOTA 2 summer event – Nemistice. The Nemestice event announcement also surprised the community by introducing a Battle Pass. The event comes with a custom game mode, a new Dragon Knight persona based on Dota: Dragon’s Blood and new Immortal item bundles.

How do you play the Dota 2 Nemestice event game mode

The summer event comes with the Nemestice game mode, introducing a whole new map and different mechanics. Every three minutes a giant meteorite falls onto the map. By channeling on these meteors, players gain Nemestice Embers. These embers will in turn power up your hero, granting extra movement speed, attack damage and spell amplification. Every time a side takes a tower, the creeps from said side will gain special buffs, even adding random jungle creeps to the wave.

What comes with the Nemestice Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass features several rewards that are granted by increasing its level. Players can complete weekly quests or do cavern crawls in order to increase their Battle Pass level.

The rewards that a player can get for upgrading the battle pass include custom particle effects, sprays, taunts and voice lines. Every few levels gained gives the player an immortal treasure that contains 11 different immortal items of escalating rarity. The immortal treasures feature items for: Beastmaster, Dark Willow, Elder Titan, Mirana, Tidehunter, Enchantress, Ancient Apparition and Void Spirit.

The two most notable items in the Battle Pass however, are the long-awaited Spectre Arcana: Phantom Advent, and the new Dragon Knight Persona that is based on the Dota: Dragon’s Blood anime.

The Phantom Advent Arcana features all new animations, specific item skins, new colors and even a style upgrade. The new style can be unlocked by getting a mega kill-streak in 100 different games. A reward for the real Spectre lovers out there.

Nemestice event: Phantom Advent Spectre Arcana
The long awaited Phantom Advent Spectre Arcana. Provided By: Valve.

The Dragon Knight persona features a skin that looks exactly like Davion in the anime, and even changes the Dragon Form ability to feature Slyrak. The persona comes with custom animations for Dragon Tail and Breathe Fire.

Nemestice event Dragon Knight Persona
The Dragon Knight persona follows his look from the Dota: Dragon’s Blood Anime. Provided By: Valve.

The Battle Pass and Nemestice events are now live on the Dota 2 client. In order to find out more detailed information, refer to Valve’s original blog post. According to community figure Wykrhm Reddy, this is only the first Battle Pass this year, another has been announced later down the line.

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