Vanguard players speak out on Free-For-All spawn system
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Over the course of Call of Duty: Vanguard‘s first two months, players have complained about the inconsistent spawn system. Across all game modes and maps, players don’t seem to spawn in the right location much of the time. While this is less evident in a game mode like Team Deathmatch, it’s clearly an issue in Free-For-All, as Vanguard players have pointed out.

A recent reddit post has garnered attention on the Vanguard subreddit. The post shows a player in Hardcore Free-For-All being decimated by enemies every time they spawn. The player barely has any time to react once they do spawn in, leading to a frustrating experience overall.

Free-For-All in Vanguard suffering from ‘horrible’ spawns

In the clip, the player is seen spawning in for the first time on Oasis. Since they are playing Hardcore, they’re dying in one or two shots. However, as fans will see, it wouldn’t matter if they were in regular Core playlists with the spawns.

Hardcore FFA gets destroyed by people abusing the horrible spawn system. Every round you have these people! from CODVanguard

The player spawns in the exact same location they just died in multiple times. All the enemy has to do is aim in on that spot and they get free kills over and over again. The location the player is spawning at seems to be a set spawn that the enemy has manipulated. By staying in their current position, they’re making that player spawn there repeatedly.

Obviously, this is frustrating from the redditor’s perspective. They are not allowed to play a match because of the spawns they’re given. This also isn’t just an issue on Oasis, either. The spawns on maps like Das Haus, Shipment and Dome have been driving players crazy since Vanguard launched.

Sledgehammer Games is working on a fix to the spawn system, however. On the Vanguard Trello board, the developer said it’s looking to refine spawn logic in a future update. This update was delayed from Dec. 9 until early 2022. Until then, players will have to keep dealing with the current spawn system in Vanguard.

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