Ranking the Best and Worst Countries in Esports | Top Tier Ep. 3
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Yinsu Collins Host
Tyler Erzberger Host
Colin McNeil Supervising Producer
Lexi Johnson Video Editor
Adam Fitzsimmons Lead Graphic Designer
Spencer Pascoe Assistant Producer

The Upcomer crew is back with another tier list, this time diving into the best and worst countries in esports.

On this week’s episode of Top Tier, Upcomer hosts Tyler, Yinsu, Nick and Colin have the unenviable task of comparing esports giants like South Korea, Denmark and of course the always passionate Brazil. But which countries make it to S tier, and which get sent to the Shadow Realm?

There are so many different countries in esports that we sometimes forget about some of the smaller nations that are less populated. Countries like Sweden, the Ukraine and even Kazakhstan have all produced top players that left their mark in the esports history books. Which esports greats land in the pantheon, and which countries fall short?

And it doesn’t matter how many times the crew chanted “Vamos Brazil,” Colin still removed the great gaming nation of Brazil down a peg to “great.”

Don’t agree with our tier list? Flame us in the YouTube comment section and tweet us your own: tiermaker.com

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