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The Flatline got a considerable damage buff in Season 2 of Apex Legends and currently boasts the second highest DPS in the assault rifle class. With no notable quirks or exclusive attachments, it is a simple and brutal weapon.

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To get a quick impression of the Flatline’s specifics and performance, check out our primer to assault rifles. Featured previously in Titanfall as the V-47, the Flatline is a bullpup redesign of the real world AK-47.

Flatline art titanfall apex legends

Like all ARs, the Flatline doesn’t need any parts to function well. An extended magazine is good to have, but it’s not as important as it would be on a Wingman or a Prowler. Scopes beyond x2 are not recommended, as the Flatline’s accuracy fades fast beyond the mid-range.

Spray and pray

Out of all the weapons you can pick up in Apex Legends, the Flatline is perhaps the most straightforward one. That said, however, it does have a few nuances you should keep in mind.

The Flatline has a manageable recoil, which is lower than the Havoc’s but stronger than that of the Hemlok and R-301. It is the only weapon in the class to have noticeable horizontal spread. Consequently, it always sprays, even when you are actively controlling the recoil. Paired with the gun’s low projectile speed, this feature largely renders the Flatline a suppression gun past mid-range.

Flatline at a glance Apex Legends

The Flatline dishes out exceptional amounts of pain. Due to its high damage-per-round, high headshot damage, and slow fire rate, it can reliably eviscerate targets without needing to reload too often. This makes it a fit weapon for players who like to eschew cover in favor of bull-rushing the enemy team. Like all ARs, when in close range you should fire from the hip.

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