Washington Justice re-sign Head Coach and Manager - Upcomer
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The Washington Justice were the underdog story of the Overwatch League 2020 playoffs. They surprised everyone to make it to the final four of the North American region. Washington performed upset after upset and fought valiantly to get so far. They lost to the Philadelphia Fusion, but they still made their statement. And it seems like that performance has been rewarded behind-the-scenes. As of this morning, the Washington Justice have re-signed their head coach and manager for the next two seasons.

The Justice’s turnaround

Head coach Seung-Jun “Sup7eme” Han was criticized a lot this season for his decision making. Plus, manager Aaron “PRE” Heckman was holding the reins of a lowly ranked team. But, the end of season playoffs and an insane run to the qualifying finals changed many minds. Plus, there were a bunch of smart signings for the team. It all started with two former Vancouver Titans players: Chung-hee “Stitch” Lee and Hyeon-Woo “JJANU” Choi. Not only did these two players have synergy from previous experiences, but JJanu was highly touted since his entrance to the league. These two players took some time working together with the original Justice roster, but improved slowly. If they were going to improve for the playoffs, they would need a great player who would instantly gel with the team.

Cue the exact player they needed for the playoffs: Gui-un “Decay” Jang. He played the Zarya for their Roadhog/Zarya duo and plowed through most of the league with his skill. It didn’t get them to the end, but it did earn them respect across the league.

This work and performance led directly to the signings of the coach and manager. With the compositions they ran and with the signings they made, it makes sense to give them a shot for the future. Now to see if this leads to long-standing success for a team that just had that spark of life.

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