What is the best assault rifle in Black Ops Cold War Season 3?
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There’s no weapon class in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War more important than that of the assault rifle. Year after year, developers intentionally give the category an abundance of choices for a reason. ARs are traditionally atop the multiplayer meta and this year is no different. Black Ops Cold War features a plethora of solid options when it comes to rifles but one is ultimately considered to be the best.

In total, there are seven assault rifles in multiplayer. Five are from the original launch of the game and two are weapons from various season’s Battle Passes. Each weapon in the class is extremely usable and there’s truly no bad apple among the bunch. However, the debate over the best in class comes down to two rifles: the AK47 and Krig 6.

Best assault rifle in Black Ops Cold War

While weapons like the FARA 83, FFAR and XM4 are dominant in the right hands, they don’t have as much going for them as the two aforementioned rifles. Both the AK and Krig, like most ARs, are viable in any situation that players will find themselves in in multiplayer.

However, what separates them from the others is that neither weapon has a true negative against it. This makes the decision to name the best in class quite difficult.

Krig 6 in Black Ops Cold War
The Krig 6 is one of the more popular weapons in multiplayer. | Provided by Activision

Professional players in the Call of Duty League banned the AK47 for a reason. It features amazing damage and range, virtually no recoil and terrific mobility. It acts like an AR/SMG hybrid and its recent buff in Season 3, which increased its bullet velocity, makes it deadly at any range.

On the other hand, the Krig 6 is the choice for almost any competitive player in Season 3. The Krig is a laser beam and can eliminate enemies in just a few shots at close or long-range. However, it’s a bit clunkier than the AK47, making it feel like a more traditional AR.

When picking between the two, the AK47 feels like the more complete choice. It can be used in a wide array of situations and any player can pick it up and succeed. The same is true for the Krig but players are more limited due to its lower mobility. Still, either weapon will yield great results in Black Ops Cold War.

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