What kind of content can we expect from Modern Warfare Season 2?
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 is scheduled to release next week on Tuesday, Feb. 11. We only have one confirmation for the season, being that Ghost of Verdansk will become a playable Operator. While that’s good news itself, some fans were hoping for some more official news before the season drops. Although, Activision and Infinity Ward have remained tight-lipped up to this point. But as always, we do have some teasers and leaks concerning next season’s content.

New maps and weapons in Modern Warfare Season 2

One thing to keep in mind when talking about Season 2 content is that Infinity Ward doesn’t release everything at once. For example, in Season 1 we had to wait a month before Vacant and Shipment made it into Modern Warfare. While Season 2 is said to feature tons of new content, don’t expect it all at once.

That said, we do have some teasers regarding the next season. These aren’t leaks necessarily, but they also aren’t official. These teasers come from the short video Call of Duty released a few days ago on its Twitter.

Of course, the one thing that pops out is Ghost returning to Modern Warfare. This was expected, however, as his arrival was teased weeks ago. What wasn’t expected is the tiny teasers for some classic aspects of Call of Duty‘s past.

If you look closely at around the 10-second mark, you can make out the map Rust from Modern Warfare 2. Rust was leaked to be arriving in Modern Warfare months ago, so this isn’t a far-fetched idea. However, there was another small teaser that many fans missed.

At around the same timestamp as the Rust teaser, we see a character holding a weapon. Though it’s hard to see, some fans believe that to be the ACR assault rifle from previous titles. The ACR is one of the most beloved weapons in the series’s history, so this would make total sense for Infinity Ward.

Although, everything is conjecture at this point. Activision did say yesterday that Modern Warfare Season 2 will feature some surprises though. Perhaps Rust and the ACR are those surprises, or maybe there’s even more past that.

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