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2020 may not have been the best year for everyone, but it was an exciting year for Valorant. Ever since the game released in June, Riot has been working to balance it and provide enjoyable content for players. While they’ve done a good job so far, the game still has a long way to go. Here’s what we hope to see from Valorant in 2021.

Valorant needs to find a way to deal with leavers and smurfs

Leavers and smurfs are certainly an issue in every big team-based online game, but in Valorant, the problem seems magnified. Whether it’s rated or unrated, don’t be shocked to finish the game with less than 10 people. Don’t be surprised either if a Reyna goes 38/5/2 or something ridiculous like that and hard carries the game.

Nothing Riot does will ever fully eliminate smurfs or leavers, but there are measures they can take to help prevent them. Stricter punishments for leavers along with more requirements for playing rated games should help both of these problems.

More maps and Agents

We will undoubtedly get more maps and Agents in 2021, and we already know about Agent 14 coming in mid-January. Hopefully, we will continue to get a steady stream of new content throughout the year, as this keeps the game exciting for players.

Valorant Agent 14

The most important aspect of this is ensuring that the game remains balanced as new Agents and maps release. Riot has done a decent job so far when it comes to balancing Agents and maps, and they need to ensure that another Icebox incident doesn’t happen with a future map.

The lore behind the game

We know very little about the world in Valorant. So far, we basically know that it takes place on Earth sometime in the future. The Agents come from different countries, but all we know about them comes from in-game interactions.

Hopefully, we will get to learn more about the lore of the world and the Agents. With Valorant Episode Two right around the corner in 2021, we will likely learn at least a little more soon!