When will the Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay trailer release?
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If Activision is attempting to gain hype for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare by holding out gameplay for multiplayer, they’re doing a terrific job. It is early July and we still don’t have a trailer or gameplay for Modern Warfare multiplayer. Although, we have had some information about the multiplayer mode leak from inside sources.

To compare previous titles, Black Ops 4 just last year revealed its multiplayer on May 17. There was also a huge sample of gameplay from various events later in the summer. However, with Modern Warfare, Activision is holding out as long as they can.

Whether this is due to development issues or simply trying to produce anticipation, the community is desperate for a trailer. So, when should we expect one?

Possible dates for a Modern Warfare multiplayer reveal trailer

As of right now, we have no leak regarding a concrete reveal date. Activision has done an annoyingly great job at keeping their reveal dates for Modern Warfare a secret. We didn’t have any idea when the official announcement for Modern Warfare was taking place until a few days before.

When will the Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay trailer release?

Although, we do have some leaks regarding information about the reveal. Supposedly, developer Infinity Ward has been capturing multiplayer gameplay footage at their offices for the reveal trailer. The staff has been reportedly working on this for the past few days, so they should be relatively close to finishing that aspect of the trailer.

Along with this, it has been rumored that Activision is flying out select YouTubers and other influencers on July 11. They only do this when there’s gameplay to capture or an event to witness. However, this information is not 100 percent confirmed.

Putting these two rumors together, it looks like we could be seeing a reveal trailer the week of July 15. Call of Duty rarely hosts any kind of event on a weekend, so the weekdays are more likely.

That’s all of the information we have on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer at this point! We will be sure to keep you updated with any developments to this story.

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