Where to destroy target dummies for Fortnite Week 12 challenge
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One of the last weeks of the Legendary Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 is live. Week 12 could be one of the final chances for players to earn additional XP for their Battle Pass before Season 8 launches. The tasks presented to players in Week 12 require players to deploy scanners, search for books on explosions and help Doctor Slone activate her countermeasure device. Luckily, there are some easier challenges in the set, like destroying target dummies with IO weapons.

However, even this challenge could give players some difficulty. For starters, players aren’t sure which target dummies they need to attack. Also, obtaining an IO weapon isn’t the simplest goal to accomplish in Fortnite Season 7. This article will shine some light on both of these aspects so that players can complete the Week 12 Legendary Quest with ease.

Destroying target dummies in Fortnite

The first step to this challenge is to find an IO weapon. Any of the standard weapons will do but something like the Recon Scanner won’t work. If players can find a Pulse Rifle, that’s the best-case scenario. But any of the guns that deal damage will work for this task.

In order to easily find an IO weapon, players can land at Defiant Dish (the satellite station east of Weeping Woods) and look for the weapons there. Usually, there are a couple IO guns laying around.

Once an IO weapon is in hand, players can make their way to the RV park in Weeping Woods. There, they’ll find two target dummies when they have the Week 12 quest active. Players must shoot the dummies and travel further south, to below Slurpy Swamp. Then, players must shoot an additional two target dummies. The exact location is directly south of the road with a Slurp Juice truck, in the woods and near a campfire. The two locations are seen below.

Destroy target dummies in Fortnite
The two target dummy’s locations in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

When all four of the target dummies are destroyed, this challenge is complete. Players are then awarded 30,000 XP for their Season 7 Battle Pass.

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