How to find the NPC Kymera in Fortnite Season 7
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For seven weeks in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7, players have known that Kymera has the ever-changing Battle Pass skins. The skin is upgraded in a wide variety of ways through finding Alien Artifacts on the island. Once players find enough of the foreign objects, they can pick which style they want to unlock for the skin. It’s a unique experience in Fortnite but it seems Epic Games has new plans for Kymera.

In a new patch in Week 7 of Fortnite, Kymera is now found on the island as a NPC. The NPCs in Fortnite play a big role in the game, as they can duel the player for special loot or take gold bars in exchange for common loot. Kymera works a little differently, though, and is found in a strange spot on the island.

Finding Kymera in Fortnite

To initially find Kymera in the battle royale, players need to make their way to Coral Castle. This is one of the most despised POIs in the entire game and doesn’t see much action in standard playlists. But, perhaps with Kymera residing there as of Week 7, the POI will now see more foot traffic.

At Coral Castle, Kymera is found walking the beach in the southeastern part of the POI. Players can see exactly where this is on the map below.

Fortnite Kymera
The location of Kymera in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

Once players have found the alien NPC, they have one of few options. The first is the most obvious: to fight it. Defeating Kymera will reward players with rare weapons. However, the more enticing options are to either hire it for 95 gold bars or take a quest from it. If players take a quest from the NPC, it must be completed within that match. Upon completion of the quest, players will be rewarded with 80 gold bars.

Kymera should remain in Fortnite until the end of Season 7, so players can visit the NPC while he’s still at Coral Castle.

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