How to find Shanty Town for the Ghoulish Green Color Bottle in Fortnite
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Toona Fish is one of the newest Battle Pass skins in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 and it has some unique characteristics. Not only can it change styles with specific items that players find on the map, like Kymera, it can also change color. There are 21 total colors it can change into, provided players find the necessary Color Bottles on the map. However, some of the bottles aren’t so easy to find, especially the ones found at Shanty Town.

This location is home to the Ghoulish Green Color Bottles. The problem is that Shanty Town is not a named POI in Fortnite Season 8. Players shouldn’t worry, though; the location isn’t difficult to find and neither are the Color Bottles that inhabit it.

Finding Shanty Town in Fortnite

To find Shanty Town, players should land at Sludgy Swamp. Here, they can find some weapons or meds to ensure they don’t get taken down with ease by an enemy player also looking for the Ghoulish Green Color Bottles.

Once players have some gear, they need to head directly across from the swamp. This is where they’ll find Shanty Town. The exact location is seen below.

Shanty Town fortnite
The location of Shanty Town in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

Finding Ghoulish Green Color Bottles

After players have made their way to Shanty Town, they can begin looking for the Color Bottles. There are three in total players must find in order to unlock Ghoulish Green for Toona Fish. The locations of all three Color Bottles are seen below.

  1. In the center of the location atop the Pipeman statue
  2. Underneath the northernmost house. Players don’t need to go inside the house
  3. Underneath the southernmost house. Players don’t need to go inside the house

Once players have all three Color Bottles, the Ghoulish Green color will unlock for Toona Fish.

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