How to travel in an Inflate-A-Bull for Fortnite Week 10 challenge
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The Week 10 Epic and Legendary Quests are live for all players in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7. The current season is wrapping up, with Season 8 set to arrive sometime in early Sept. However, that doesn’t mean Epic Games is making the weekly challenges any easier. One Fortnite Epic Quest, in particular, requires players to travel a set distance only using an Inflate-A-Bull — which can be quite difficult.

For some players, the hardest part of this Fortnite Week 10 challenge will be physically finding an Inflate-A-Bull. Their location isn’t found through chests or ground loot, so many likely haven’t come across this item in Season 7. Fortunately, they have a set location in Fortnite and, once found, this challenge is as easy as pressing a button and taking a ride.

Traveling using an Inflate-A-Bull in Fortnite

The first step in this challenge is locating the Inflate-A-Bull’s location in Fortnite. Players can visit NPC Rick Sanchez to buy the item. Rick is found near or inside of the IO base east of Weeping Woods. Players will need 25 gold in order to purchase the Inflate-A-Bull, which shouldn’t take much time to accumulate.

Once players have enough to buy the Inflate-A-Bull, they can find Rick, go to his purchase menu and add the deployable item to their Fortnite inventory. After players have the Inflate-A-Bull, they must travel 200 meters while using it. Pressing the fire button with the bull equipped inflates it. Players can subsequently walk or roll around as a bull.

However, using this item attracts the aliens and their UFOs, so players should try to find a safe location. The bulls have some protection but they are easily destroyed by an enemy player’s shots.

In any case, once players travel the necessary 200 meters, this Week 10 challenge is complete. 30,000 XP for the Season 7 Battle Pass is the player’s reward and now they can move onto other quests.

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