Where to place coins around the map in Fortnite Season 7
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Yesterday, Epic Games released a brand new set of challenges in Fortnite for the upcoming film “Free Guy,” starring Ryan Reynolds. Fortnite players can now head in-game and discover the Free Guy Quests, where they can earn a set of cosmetics for completing certain challenges. One of those challenges is to place coins around the map, which has stumped players thus far.

This task is similar to the placement challenges that often pop up in the weekly Legendary Quests. Players must find the locations of the coins and interact with them. In order to complete the challenge, players need to place a total of three coins on the map.

Placing coins around the map in Fortnite

First off, players must interact with an ATM on the map in order to receive this specific challenge. Once the task is received, players can start their hunt for three coins. Holly Hedges is a recommended starting spot for the hunt.

Each specified location only holds one or two coins, so players will need to visit a few different POIs to complete the quest. If players start at Holly Hedges, they can find the coin to the left of the two big trees just above the POI. The coin is sitting on the sidewalk.

Fortnite place coins around the map locations
The locations of every coin in Fortnite. | Provided by FN_Assist

From there, players can make their way to Believer Beach to find the last two coins. The first of these two is located directly in front of the “Food Fishing Fun” sign in the middle of the POI. The second coin is in the eastern part of Believer Beach, next to the parking lot.

Once players have all three coins, this quest is complete and they can move onto the next Free Guy challenge in Fortnite.

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