How to find Wrath at Stealthy Stronghold in Fortnite Season 8
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Earlier this week, Epic Games added a fan-favorite character, Wrath to the list of NPCs in Fortnite Season 8. Wrath is now available to talk to on the island, located at Stealthy Stronghold near the IO Base. Players can take on another series of punchcard quests from him that’ll net them a batch of XP.

Stealthy Stronghold is home to a few different things to do in Fortnite Season 8 with Wrath now in the mix. Below, fans can find out where to find Wrath and the Leafy Green Color Bottles that inhabit the location.

Finding Wrath at Stealthy Stronghold in Fortnite

Veterans of Fortnite will know exactly where to look for Wrath on the map. Stealthy Stronghold isn’t a new location in Fortnite and it hasn’t moved since its original arrival. Wrath’s location at Stealthy Stronghold is seen below.

Wrath at Stealthy Stronghold in Fortnite
The location of Wrath at Stealthy Stronghold. | Provided by Epic Games

Wrath is normally found patrolling the southwest area of Stealthy Stronghold. Once players find them, they can receive his punchcard quests. The first of these is finding a Recon Scanner, which Upcomer covered in a previous guide.

Finding Leafy Green Color Bottles in Fortnite

Players can also find the Leafy Green Color Bottles. There are three of them scattered around Stealthy Stronghold. Players need all of them to fully unlock the color style for their Toona Fish skin. The locations of all three Color Bottles are below.

  1. On the central building’s upper northwest corner right next to the radar dish
  2. On top of the building across from the radar dish
  3. By the stairs right next to the radar dish

Once players have located all three bottles, they’ll have fully unlocked the Leafy Green color for Toona Fish. This can be equipped through the Edit section of the player’s locker.

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