Why the MAC-10 is the best SMG in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded
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The SMG class in Call of Duty: Warzone has been the most discussed of any weapon category in Season 4. While it’s largely up for debate, the common belief is that the MAC-10 still reigns supreme over other SMGs. It’s hard to match the Black Ops Cold War submachine gun’s fire rate and damage output in close-range. Though some SMGs are better at range, the MAC-10 is versatile enough that it can do the job in just about any situation.

The SMG class has undergone a couple of meta changes and rounds of weapon balancing during the season. This was punctuated by the Reloaded update, which altered nearly every meta SMG in the game.

The best SMG in Warzone Season 4

The MAC-10’s placement in the meta hasn’t changed much from Season 3. It was the clear pick for the top SMG in that season, as it hadn’t undergone too many stat alterations or nerfs up to that point. However, the same can’t be said for Season 4. The MAC-10 was nerfed fairly significantly with Reloaded.

The gun model for the MAC-10 in Black Ops Cold War for its warzone loadout
The gun model for the MAC-10 in Black Ops Cold War. | Provided by Activision

Raven Software knocked the MAC-10’s damage profile down, along with its damage range. This spurred some talk about whether the LC10 or MP5 was the go-to choice for the SMG class. While each of these weapons is a fine choice, they still can’t match the MAC-10’s prowess at close-range.

The SMG shreds opponents up close, thanks to its blistering high rate of fire. Paired with some attachments that boost damage range and accuracy and players have an unstoppable weapon in their hands. Though the MAC-10 might suffer from some accuracy problems at longer ranges, its damage range won’t drop off. According to Warzone creators, all Cold War SMGs now have two damage profiles, eliminating damage drop off beyond 25 meters. This bodes well for all Cold War SMGs but makes the MAC-10 even stronger than it already was.

Raven tried to shake up the SMG meta in Season 4 with the Reloaded update, but the MAC-10 is still the clear-cut favorite when players are selecting an SMG in Warzone.

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